Numberjacks Calling All Agents DVD Box Set


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Product Information of Numberjacks Calling All Agents DVD Box Set

Language: English Boxed Set: Yes Discs: 4 pcs
Release date: October 16, 2006 Condition: New Weight: 0.5kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL No. of Season:
Region: Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Genre: Animation/Cartoons | Children/Family

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Summary of Numberjacks Calling All Agents DVD Box Set

The NUMBERJACKS dvd are back! The superhero numbers return to journey into the real world investigating problems and battling against the dastardly intentions of the Puzzler, Spooky Spoon and the Numbertaker. All with the help of children acting as agents. After much fun and exciting adventure, and some powerful thinking from the agents, the Numberjacks win the day...until next time!

All about 3
All about the Numbertaker
All about the Brain Gain machine
Karaoke with the Brain Gain Song
And then sing -along again this time without the words!

The Numberjacks on dvd are animated characters - the numbers zero to nine - who live in an ordinary sofa and solve problems outside. Each episode has the same structure. At the beginning of the episode, some of the Numberjacks will be engaged in an activity that will have relevance to the problem that is later discovered. Then an "agent" (a live-action child) will call in and describe the problem that is occurring. One or two of the Numberjacks will go out into the real world to solve the problem, while the remaining Numberjacks stay in their base and watch their progress on a screen. As soon as the problem is understood, Numberjack 5 imagines what else could go wrong if it wasn't solved.

Numberjacks Calling All Agents DVD Box SetNumberjacks Calling All Agents DVD Box Set

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