News; The Big Bang Theory season 9 dvd release date

Published: Wednesday 06 July, 2016

The Big Bang Theory Season 1-9 DVD Box Set was a total cliffhanger for fans, where it showed the breakup of Amy and Sheldon, and Sheldon taking out a ring — that's a total bummer.

But spoilers for The Big Bang Theory season 9 on dvd would give clues as to what viewers can expect.

Will Sheldon and Amy, or "Shamy," not ever get back together, or will Sheldon do anything to profess his true love for Amy and his desire to be her husband?

When Sheldon took out the ring, it's pretty obvious that he will be proposing to Amy (or is he really going to?), but show runner Steven Molaro said at "The Big Bang Theory" panel during the recent San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) that the real story behind the ring and if Sheldon intended to propose or not will be revealed in the new season, according to a report from Business Insider.

It was also reported that Sheldon and Amy's story will unfold on the premiere of The Big Bang Theory season 9 dvd for sale