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Published: Thursday 23 October, 2014

'The Walking Dead': Who is mysterious Father Gabriel, and what is he hiding?

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead kicked off and ended with a bunch of unanswered questions, especially for folks who have never read the comics. Today, we're going to talk about one of the newest additions to the series roster: Father Gabriel.

Bear in mind, what we are about to cover will include spoilers that may or may not feature in the series, so turn away now or forever hold your peace.

OK, so Father Gabriel is a character straight out of The The Walking Dead dvd comic, and guess what? He's hiding something for sure. Gabriel is a man who lives alone at a church, but it wasn't always like that. He had followers, but they are all presumed dead now, and it is all his fault.

During the outbreak, members of his flock turned up at the church for help. However, due to his fear of the zombies, Father Gabriel turned them away and thus he walks around with this guilt strapped to his soul every day since.

The man is a tortured soul, and he is seeking retribution, though we are not certain he will find it. He's no murderer; just a man who is completely scared of the dead roaming the earth.

Now that he has met up with Rick and the group, where does he go from there? Well, he'll end up leaving the church behind and follow the group as they aim to make their way to Washington D.C.

Despite Father Gabriel being a coward and all that, he is surprisingly still alive in the comics, which means he might be around for quite some time in the TV show unless the writers choose to get rid of him quite early on.

We've seen on several occasions where some characters met their death on the show a lot earlier than expected. Also, some characters have lived longer than they did in the comics, so despite Gabriel's situation in the comic books right now, it doesn't mean he may not get an early gruesome end.

All in all, viewers should expect big things from the poor Father throughout the season as things are sure to heat up tremendously.

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