News; Bones Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set

Published: Thursday 10 July, 2014

The Bones Season 9 DVD Box Set the American television series premiered on September 16, 2013, and concluded on May 19, 2014, on the Fox Network. The show maintained its previous time slot, airing on Mondays at 8:00 pm ET,[1] then moved to Fridays at 8:00 pm starting November 15, 2013,[2] and returned to Mondays at 8:00 pm beginning March 10, 2014.[3] The season consisted of 24 episodes.

The series Bones Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set was renewed for a ninth season on January 9, 2013.[4] The season features two extra episodes that were produced during the eighth season, but were not aired; they aired during the first half of season nine.[5] Recurring antagonist Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds) returned for two episodes, which concluded his multiple-episode arc.[6][7] New recurring characters in the season include Danny Beck, played by Freddie Prinze, Jr., a covert CIA agent who is an old associate of Booth; and Aldo Clemens, played by Mather Zickel, who served as Booth's advisor when he was a sniper. Both characters first appeared in the season premiere.[8][9] The season also introduces new recurring Jeffersonian intern Rodolfo Fuentes, played by Ignacio Serricchio, who is a Cuban forensic anthropologist seeking asylum in the U.S.[10]