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Product Information of Elmo World Complete DVD Set

Language: English Boxed Set: Yes Discs: 33 pcs
Release date: 2011 Condition: New Weight: 2.20kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL No. of Season:
Region: Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Genre: Children/Family

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Summary of Elmo World Complete DVD Set

"Elmo's World on dvd" is a segment of the children's television show Sesame Street featuring Elmo, a small, three and a half year old, bright red monster. It debuted on November 16, 1998. Since then, it has been regularly shown during the last fifteen minutes of every Sesame Street episode. Production of new segments have since ceased with the last segment appearing on Sesame Street episode 4187 on November 10, 2009.

The segment takes place in a computer animated crayon-drawn room imagined by Elmo. Each episode follows a familiar pattern whereby the theme is introduced with Elmo's pet goldfish, Dorothy (whose tank changes decor for the occasion), Mr. Noodle tries to mime the subject (usually unsuccessfully at first), Elmo and Dorothy interact with live children on the subject topic, Elmo will ask a baby about the subject (the running joke is that the baby of course never answers), Dorothy will imagine Elmo in fantasy sequences based on the subject (which are amazingly detailed given the short duration of the sequence), and then a guest muppet related to the subject topic will visit. Various elements in the room -- "drawer", "TV", and "computer" -- will also contribute videos on the topic, featuring a combination of other Sesame Street muppets, taped live field reports from kids, or cartoon on the [subject] Channel (which all feature the same female voice actor). In Dorothy's imaginations, Elmo is seen as animals such as a rabbit, a cat, a mouse and a squirrel and is dressed up in clothes from around the world. The segment always ends with "Dorothy wants us to sing the [subject] song", which is a medley of Jingle Bells (all the lyrics changed to the subject name, repeated over and over) and the refrain from "Elmo's Song".

Elmo World Complete DVD SetElmo World Complete DVD Set

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